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Gen 15:1 After all these things, this word of God came to Abram in a vision: "Don't be afraid, Abram. I'm your shield. Your reward will be grand!"

2 Abram said, "God, Master, what use are your gifts as long as I'm childless and Eliezer of Damascus is going to inherit everything?"

3 Abram continued, "See, you've given me no children, and now a mere house servant is going to get it all."

4 Then God's Message came: "Don't worry, he won't be your heir; a son from your body will be your heir."

5 Then he took him outside and said, "Look at the sky. Count the stars. Can you do it? Count your descendants! You're going to have a big family, Abram!"

6 And he believed! Believed God! God declared him "Set-Right-with-God."

7 God continued, "I'm the same God who brought you from Ur of the Chaldees and gave you this land to own."

8 Abram said, "Master God, how am I to know this, that it will all be mine?"

9 God said, "Bring me a heifer, a goat, and a ram, each three years old, and a dove and a young pigeon."

10 He brought all these animals to him, split them down the middle, and laid the halves opposite each other. But he didn't split the birds.

11 Vultures swooped down on the carcasses, but Abram scared them off.

12 As the sun went down a deep sleep overcame Abram and then a sense of dread, dark and heavy.

13 God said to Abram, "Know this: your descendants will live as outsiders in a land not theirs; they'll be enslaved and beaten down for 400 years.

14 Then I'll punish their slave masters; your offspring will march out of there loaded with plunder.

15 But not you; you'll have a long and full life and die a good and peaceful death. MSG

Rom 4:3 For what does the Scripture say? Abraham believed in (trusted in) God, and it was credited to his account as righteousness (right living and right standing with God).

4 Now to a laborer, his wages are not counted as a favor or a gift, but as an obligation (something owed to him).

5 But to one who, not working [by the Law], trusts (believes fully) in Him Who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited to him as righteousness (the standing acceptable to God). AMP


RO 4:3 Listen to what the Scriptures say: Because Abraham believed Gods words, his faith transferred Gods righteousness into his account.

4When people work, they earn wages. It cant be considered a free gift, because they earned it.

5But no one earns Gods righteousness. It can only be transferred when we no longer rely on our own works, but believe in the one who powerfully declares the ungodly to be righteous in his eyes. It is faith that transfers Gods righteousness into your account! TPT

Acts 12:6 Then the time came for Herod to bring him out for the kill. That night, even though shackled to two soldiers, one on either side, Peter slept like a baby. And there were guards at the door keeping their eyes on the place. Herod was taking no chances!

7 Suddenly there was an angel at his side and light flooding the room. The angel shook Peter and got him up: "Hurry!" The handcuffs fell off his wrists.

8 The angel said, "Get dressed. Put on your shoes." Peter did it. Then, "Grab your coat and let's get out of here." MSG


ACTS 12:6 The night before Herod planned to bring him to trial, he made sure that Peter was securely bound with two chains. Peter was sound asleep between two soldiers, with additional guards stationed outside his cell door,

7when all at once an angel of the Lord appeared, filling his prison cell with a brilliant light. The angel struck Peter on the side to awaken him and said, Hurry up! Lets go! Instantly the chains fell off his wrists.

8The angel told him, Get dressed. Put on your sandals, bring your cloak, and follow me. TPT

John 11:11 He said these things, and then announced, "Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep. I'm going to wake him up."

12 The disciples said, "Master, if he's gone to sleep, he'll get a good rest and wake up feeling fine."

13 Jesus was talking about death, while his disciples thought he was talking about taking a nap.

14 Then Jesus became explicit: "Lazarus died.

15 And I am glad for your sakes that I wasn't there. You're about to be given new grounds for believing. Now let's go to him." MSG


JN 11:11 Then Jesus added, Lazarus, our friend, has just fallen asleep. Its time that I go and awaken him.

12When they heard this, the disciples replied, Lord, if he has just fallen asleep, then hell get better.

13Jesus was speaking about Lazarus death, but the disciples presumed he was talking about natural sleep.

14Then Jesus made it plain to them, Lazarus is dead. TPT

Job 33:15 "In a dream, for instance, a vision at night, when men and women are deep in sleep, fast asleep in their beds

16 God opens their ears and impresses them with warnings

17 To turn them back from something bad they're planning, from some reckless choice,

18 And keep them from an early grave, from the river of no return. MSG

Ps 4:8 In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You, Lord, alone make me dwell in safety and confident trust. AMP


Ps 4:8 At day's end I'm ready for sound sleep, For you, God, have put my life back together. MSG


PS 4:8 Now, because of you, Lord, I will lie down in peace and sleep comes at once, for no matter what happens, I will live unafraid! TPT

Ps 127:2 It's useless to rise early and go to bed late, and work your worried fingers to the bone. Don't you know he enjoys giving rest to those he loves?



PS 127:2 It really is senseless to work so hardfrom early morning till late at night, toiling to make a living for fear of not having enough. God can provide for his lovers even while they sleep! TPT

Prov 3:24 You'll take afternoon naps without a worry, you'll enjoy a good night's sleep.

25 No need to panic over alarms or surprises, or predictions that doomsday's just around the corner,

26 Because God will be right there with you; he'll keep you safe and sound. MSG

Jer 31:25 For I will [fully] satisfy the weary soul, and I will replenish every languishing and sorrowful person.

26 Thereupon I [Jeremiah] awoke and looked, and my [trancelike] sleep was sweet [in the assurance it gave] to me. AMP

Luke 9:32 Now Peter and those with him were weighed down with sleep, but when they fully awoke, they saw His glory (splendor and majesty and brightness) and the two men who stood with Him. AMP

Gen 28:15 And behold, I am with you and will keep (watch over you with care, take notice of) you wherever you may go, and I will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done all of which I have told you.

16 And Jacob awoke from his sleep and he said, Surely the Lord is in this place and I did not know it.

17 He was afraid and said, How to be feared and reverenced is this place! This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gateway to heaven!

18 And Jacob rose early in the morning and took the stone he had put under his head, and he set it up for a pillar (a monument to the vision in his dream), and he poured oil on its top [in dedication]. AMP

1 Kings 3:5 In Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night. And God said, Ask what I shall give you.

6 Solomon said, You have shown to Your servant David my father great mercy and loving-kindness, according as he walked before You in faithfulness, righteousness, and uprightness of heart with You; and You have kept for him this great kindness and steadfast love, that You have given him a son to sit on his throne this day.

7 Now, O Lord my God, You have made Your servant king instead of David my father, and I am but a lad [in wisdom and experience]; I know not how to go out (begin) or come in (finish).

8 Your servant is in the midst of Your people whom You have chosen, a great people who cannot be counted for multitude.

9 So give Your servant an understanding mind and a hearing heart to judge Your people, that I may discern between good and bad. For who is able to judge and rule this Your great people? AMP

Matt 1:20 But as he was thinking this over, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, Joseph, descendant of David, do not be afraid to take Mary [as] your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of (from, out of) the Holy Spirit. AMP


MATT 1:20 While he was still debating with himself about what to do, he fell asleep and had a supernatural dream. An angel from the Lord appeared to him in clear light and said, Joseph, descendant of David, dont hesitate to take Mary into your home as your wife, because the power of the Holy Spirit has conceived a child in her womb. TPT

Matt 2:12 And receiving an answer to their asking, they were divinely instructed and warned in a dream not to go back to Herod; so they departed to their own country by a different way. AMP

Acts 2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, God declares, that I will pour out of My Spirit upon all mankind, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy [telling forth the divine counsels] and your young men shall see visions (divinely granted appearances), and your old men shall dream [divinely suggested] dreams. AMP


ACTS 2:17 This is what I will do in the last daysI will pour out my Spirit on everybody and cause your sons and daughters to prophesy, and your young men will see visions, and your old men will experience dreams from God. TPT

Eph 2:5 Even when we were dead (slain) by [our own] shortcomings and trespasses, He made us alive together in fellowship and in union with Christ; [He gave us the very life of Christ Himself, the same new life with which He quickened Him, for] it is by grace (His favor and mercy which you did not deserve) that you are saved (delivered from judgment and made partakers of Christ's salvation). AMP

PS 3:5 So now Ill lie down and sleep like a babythen Ill awake in safety, for you surround me with your glory. TPT

Ps 121:4 Not on your life! Israel's Guardian will never doze or sleep.

5 God's your Guardian, right at your side to protect you

6 Shielding you from sunstroke, sheltering you from moonstroke.

7 God guards you from every evil, he guards your very life.

8 He guards you when you leave and when you return, he guards you now, he guards you always. MSG


PS 121:4 He will never slumber nor sleep; he is the Guardian-God for his people, Israel.

5Jehovah himself will watch over you; hes always at your side to shelter you safely in his presence.

6Hes protecting you from all danger both day and night.

7He will keep you from every form of evil or calamity as he continually watches over you.

8You will be guarded by God himself. You will be safe when you leave your home and safely you will return. He will protect you now, and hell protect you forevermore! TPT

Ps 143:8 If you wake me each morning with the sound of your loving voice, I'll go to sleep each night trusting in you. Point out the road I must travel; I'm all ears, all eyes before you. MSG

Prov 3:24 You'll take afternoon naps without a worry, you'll enjoy a good night's sleep. MSG