secret of His power

2019-09-20 13:17:59


His secret of his powers is walking in the fullness of his promises. His word, His promises have a great power for those who walk in them. He will make all His promises come to pass. A promise means that the one who has given the promises is expected to fulfill them. His word is his promise.

2 Cor 1:20 For as many as are the promises of God, they all find their Yes [answer] in Him [Christ]. For this reason we also utter the Amen (so be it) to God through Him [in His Person and by His agency] to the glory of God.

21 But it is God Who confirms and makes us steadfast and establishes us [in joint fellowship] with you in Christ, and has consecrated and anointed us [enduing us with the gifts of the Holy Spirit];

22 [He has also appropriated and acknowledged us as His by] putting His seal upon us and giving us His [Holy] Spirit in our hearts as the security deposit and guarantee [of the fulfillment of His promise]. AMP


2 Cor 1:20 In Him the detail of every single promise of God is fulfilled; Jesus is Gods yes to your total well being! In our union with Him the amen that echoes in us is evidence to His glorious intent through us.

21 God himself endorses this union that we enjoy in Christ.

22 His personal signet signature is the official stamp that sanctions our integrity; the Spirit seals Gods guarantee in our own heart. Mirror

Acts 4:31 And when they had prayed, the place in which they were assembled was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they continued to speak the Word of God with freedom and boldness and courage. AMP


Acts 4:31 At that moment the earth shook beneath them, causing the building they were in to tremble. Each one of them was filled with the Holy Spirit, and they proclaimed the word of God with unrestrained boldness. TPT

Gen 6:18 But I will establish My covenant (promise, pledge) with you, and you shall come into the ark you and your sons and your wife and your sons' wives with you. AMP

Gen 17:2 And I will make My covenant (solemn pledge) between Me and you and will multiply you exceedingly.

3 Then Abram fell on his face, and God said to him,

4 As for Me, behold, My covenant (solemn pledge) is with you, and you shall be the father of many nations. AMP

Galatians 3:16 Remember the royal proclamation God spoke over Abraham and to Abrahams child? God said that his promises were made to pass on to Abrahams Child, not children. And who is this Child? Its the Son of promise, Jesus, the anointed Messiah!

1718This means that the covenant between God and Abraham was fulfilled in Messiah and cannot be altered. Yet the written law was not even given to Moses until 430 years later, after God had signed his contract with Abraham! The law, then, doesnt supersede the promise since the royal proclamation was given before the law. If that were the case, it would have nullified what God said to Abraham. We receive all the promises because of the Promised Onenot because we keep the law! TPT

1 Kings 6:12 Concerning this house which you are building, if you will walk in My statutes, execute My precepts, and keep all My commandments to walk in them, then I will fulfill to you My promises which I made to David your father. AMP

2 Chron 6:15 You Who have kept Your promises to my father David and fulfilled with Your hand what You spoke with Your mouth, as it is today. AMP

Deut 7:9 Know this: God, your God, is God indeed, a God you can depend upon. He keeps his covenant of loyal love with those who love him and observe his commandments for a thousand generations. MSG

PS 25:14 Theres a private place reserved for the lovers of God, where they sit near him and receive the revelation-secrets of his promises, TPT

Ps 91:8 Only a spectator shall you be [yourself inaccessible in the secret place of the Most High] as you witness the reward of the wicked. AMP

Isa 61:11 For as [surely as] the earth brings forth its shoots, and as a garden causes what is sown in it to spring forth, so [surely] the Lord God will cause rightness and justice and praise to spring forth before all the nations [through the self-fulfilling power of His word]. AMP

Psalm 12:6 For every word God speaks is sure and every promise pure. His truth is tested, found to be flawless, and ever faithful. Its as pure as silver refined seven times in a crucible of clay TPT

2 Cor 7:1 With promises like this to pull us on, dear friends, let's make a clean break with everything that defiles or distracts us, both within and without. Let's make our entire lives fit and holy temples for the worship of God. MSG ↕↕↕

2 Cor 7:1 Beloved ones, with promises like these, and because of our deepest respect and worship of God, we must remove everything from our lives that contaminates body and spirit, and continue to complete the development of holiness within us. TPT

Hebrews 8:6 But now Jesus the Messiah has accepted a priestly ministry which far surpasses theirs, since he is the catalyst of a better covenant which contains far more wonderful promises! TPT


Heb 8:6 Jesus is now the fulfillment of all those promises towards which the old practices were merely pointing; as when an arrow strikes the bulls-eye. The dispensation he now administers Is far superior to the old. He is the arbitrator of a more affective covenant; sanctioned by its being an announcement of a far greater benefit to mankind. Mirror

Heb 11:37 We have stories of those who were stoned, sawed in two, murdered in cold blood; stories of vagrants wandering the earth in animal skins, homeless, friendless, powerless

38 The world didn't deserve them! making their way as best they could on the cruel edges of the world.

39 Not one of these people, even though their lives of faith were exemplary, got their hands on what was promised.

40 God had a better plan for us: that their faith and our faith would come together to make one completed whole, their lives of faith not complete apart from ours. MSG


Hebrews 11:37Some of these faith champions were brutally killed by stoning, being sawn in two or slaughtered by the sword. These lived in faith as they went about wearing goatskins and sheepskins for clothing. They lost everything they possessed, they endured great afflictions, and they were cruelly mistreated.

38They wandered the earth living in the desert wilderness, in caves, on barren mountains and in holes in the earth. Truly, the world was not even worthy of them, not realizing who they were.

39These were the true heroes, commended for their faith, yet they lived in hope without receiving the fullness of what was promised them.

40But now God has invited us to live in something better than what they hadfaiths fullness! This is so that they could be brought to finished perfection alongside of us. TPT


Heb 11:37 While some were stoned to death, others (like Isaiah the prophet) were sawn asunder with the wood saw. There were yet others who were tempted by the promise a possible release from their torture, and then were brutally slaughtered with a sword. Many became wandering refugees with nothing but sheep and goat skins for clothing. They lost everything and were harassed and tormented.

38 The world did not recognize their worth. These Faith heroes were often driven from their homes and forced to live in the desert and mountains; sleeping like animals in caves and holes in the ground.

39 Their lives were trophies to their faith, and the substance of what was visualized by their hope, and the evidence of things their natural eyes never saw.

40 God saw the perfect picture in it; we now complete the history of their lives. (Everything that the shadows prefigured has now found its substance through Christ in us.) Mirror

2 Peter 1:4 By means of these He has bestowed on us His precious and exceedingly great promises, so that through them you may escape [by flight] from the moral decay (rottenness and corruption) that is in the world because of covetousness (lust and greed), and become sharers (partakers) of the divine nature. AMP


2 Peter 1:4 As a result of this, he has given you magnificent promises that are beyond all price, so that through the power of these tremendous promises you can experience partnership with the divine nature, by which you have escaped the corrupt desires that are of the world. TPT

2 Peter 3:9 This means that, contrary to mans perspective, the Lord is not late with his promise to return, as some measure lateness. But rather, his delay simply reveals his loving patience toward you, because he does not want any to perish but all to come to repentance. TPT

Revelation 19:13 He wore a robe dipped in blood, and his title is called the Word of God. TPT

John 1:1 IN THE beginning [before all time] was the Word (Christ), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God Himself. AMP


John 1:1 In the very beginning the Living Expression was already there. And the Living Expression was with God, yet fully God. TPT

John 1:14 And the Word (Christ) became flesh (human, incarnate) and tabernacled (fixed His tent of flesh, lived awhile) among us; and we [actually] saw His glory (His honor, His majesty), such glory as an only begotten son receives from his father, full of grace (favor, loving-kindness) and truth. AMP


John 1:14 And so the Living Expression became a man and lived among us!

And we gazed upon the splendor of his glory, the glory of the One and Only

who came from the Father overflowing with tender mercy and truth! TPT


John 1:14 Suddenly the invisible eternal Word takes on visible form! The incarnation! In him, and now confirmed and us! The most accurate tangible display of Gods eternal thought finds expression in human life! The Word became a human being; we are his address; he resides in us! He captivates our gaze! The glory we see there is not a religious replica; He is the authentic begotten son. The glory is again fully unveiled! Only Grace can communicate truth in such a complete context! Mirror

Acts 19:20 Thus the Word of the Lord [concerning the attainment through Christ of eternal salvation in the kingdom of God] grew and spread and intensified, prevailing mightily. AMP ↕↕↕

Acts 19:20 The power of God caused the word to spread, and the people were greatly impacted. TPT

Colossians 3:16 Let the word of Christ live in you richly, flooding you with all wisdom. Apply the Scriptures as you teach and instruct one another with the Psalms, and with festive praises, and with prophetic songs given to you spontaneously by the Spirit, so sing to God with all your hearts! TPT

1 Thess 2:13 And we also [especially] thank God continually for this, that when you received the message of God [which you heard] from us, you welcomed it not as the word of [mere] men, but as it truly is, the Word of God, which is effectually at work in you who believe [exercising its superhuman power in those who adhere to and trust in and rely on it]. AMP


1 Thessalonians 2:13 This is why we continually thank God for your lives, because you received our message wholeheartedly. You embraced it not as the fabrication of men but as the word of God. And the word continues to be an energizing force in you who believe. TPT

James 1:22 But be doers of the Word [obey the message], and not merely listeners to it, betraying yourselves [into deception by reasoning contrary to the Truth].

23 For if anyone only listens to the Word without obeying it and being a doer of it, he is like a man who looks carefully at his [own] natural face in a mirror; AMP


James 1:22 Dont just listen to the Word of Truth and not respond to it, for that is the essence of self-deception. So always let his Word become like poetry written and fulfilled by your life!

23If you listen to the Word and dont live out the message you hear, you become like the person who looks in the mirror of the Word to discover the reflection of his face in the beginning. TPT

Heb 6:12 Don't drag your feet. Be like those who stay the course with committed faith and then get everything promised to them. MSG


Heb 6:12 So dont allow your hearts to grow dull or lose your enthusiasm, but follow the example of those who fully received what God has promised because of their strong faith and patient endurance. TPT