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One word from God changes everything. The word that God speaks always comes to pass. When he speaks these words they are filled with a self fulfilling power to do what He said that they will do. If God says it then I t will happen exactly as He said. You can try to say what you what your agenda is, but God will only do what He has decreed. Therefore we decree what He decrees. The word God spoke seems impossible at times but God speaks and its God who brings it to pass. We sometime get a word wrong from God because we know in part. But we can judge if it comes from God by the fact that it comes to pass. Sometimes we think it will happen immediately but we have the timing wrong.

PS 33:4 For Gods Word is something to sing about! He is true to his promises, his word can be trusted, and everything he does is reliable and right.
The Lord loves seeing justice on the earth. Anywhere and everywhere you can find his faithful, unfailing love!
All he had to do was speak by his Spirit-wind command, and God created the heavenlies. Filled with galaxies and stars, the vast cosmos he wonderfully made. TPT

PRO 30:5 Every promise from the faithful God is pure and proves to be true. He is a wrap-around shield of protection for all his lovers who run to hide in him. TPT


Prov 30:5 Every word of God is tried and purified; He is a shield to those who trust and take refuge in Him.  AMP

1 Peter 1:23-25  Your new life is not like your old life. Your old birth came from mortal sperm; your new birth comes from God's living Word. Just think: a life conceived by God himself!

24 That's why the prophet said, The old life is a grass life, its beauty as short-lived as wildflowers; Grass dries up, flowers droop,

25 God's Word goes on and on forever. This is the Word that conceived the new life in you.  MSG


1 PET 1:23-25 Human beingsare frail and temporary, like grass, and the glory of man fleeting like blossoms of the field. The grass dries and withers and the flowers fall off,
25 but the Word of the Lord endures forever And this is the Wordthat was announced to you! TPT

Heb 4:12 For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power [making it active, operative, energizing, and effective]; it is sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating to the dividing line of the breath of life (soul) and [the immortal] spirit, and of joints and marrow [of the deepest parts of our nature], exposing and sifting and analyzing and judging the very thoughts and purposes of the heart.

13 And not a creature exists that is concealed from His sight, but all things are open and exposed, naked and defenseless to the eyes of Him with Whom we have to do.  AMP


Heb 4:12-13 God means what he says. What he says goes. His powerful Word is sharp as a surgeon's scalpel, cutting through everything, whether doubt or defense, laying us open to listen and obey.

13 Nothing and no one is impervious to God's Word. We can't get away from it no matter what.  MSG


HEB 4:12-13 For we have the living Word of God, which is full of energy, and it pierces more sharply than a two-edged sword. It will even penetrate to the very core of our being where soul and spirit, boneand marrow meet! It interprets and reveals the true thoughts and secret motives of our hearts.

13 There is not one person who can hide their thoughts from God, for nothing that we do remains a secret, and nothing created is concealed, but everything is exposed and defenseless before his eyes, to whom we must render an account. TPT

2 COR 4:2 We reject every shameful cover-up and refuse to resort to cunning trickery or distorting the Word of God. Instead, we open up our souls to youby presenting the truth to everyones conscience in the sight and presence of God.  TPT

HEB 11:3 Faith empowers us to see that the universe was created and beautifully coordinatedby the power of Gods words! He spoke and the invisible realm gave birth to all that is seen. TPT

Num 22:38 And Balaam said to Balak, Indeed I have come to you, but do I now have any power at all to say anything? The word that God puts in my mouth, that shall I speak.  AMP


Num 22:38 Balaam said to Balak, "Well, I'm here now. But I can't tell you just anything. I can speak only words that God gives me no others."  MSG

Gen 15:1 AFTER THESE things, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram, I am your Shield, your abundant compensation, and your reward shall be exceedingly great.

2 And Abram said, Lord God, what can You give me, since I am going on [from this world] childless and he who shall be the owner and heir of my house is this [steward] Eliezer of Damascus?

3 And Abram continued, Look, You have given me no child; and [a servant] born in my house is my heir.

4 And behold, the word of the Lord came to him, saying, This man shall not be your heir, but he who shall come from your own body shall be your heir.

5 And He brought him outside [his tent into the starlight] and said, Look now toward the heavens and count the stars if you are able to number them. Then He said to him, So shall your descendants be.  AMP

Gen 17:17 Then Abraham fell on his face and laughed and said in his heart, Shall a child be born to a man who is a hundred years old? And shall Sarah, who is ninety years old, bear a son?

18 And [he] said to God, Oh, that Ishmael might live before You!

19 But God said, Sarah your wife shall bear you a son indeed, and you shall call his name Isaac [laughter]; and I will establish My covenant or solemn pledge with him for an everlasting covenant and with his posterity after him.  AMP

Rom 4:19 Abraham didn't focus on his own impotence and say, "It's hopeless. This hundred-year-old body could never father a child." Nor did he survey Sarah's decades of infertility and give up.

20 He didn't tiptoe around God's promise asking cautiously skeptical questions. He plunged into the promise and came up strong, ready for God,

21 sure that God would make good on what he had said.

22 That's why it is said, "Abraham was declared fit before God by trusting God to set him right."

23 But it's not just Abraham;

24 it's also us! The same thing gets said about us when we embrace and believe the One who brought Jesus to life when the conditions were equally hopeless. MSG

Ps 105:42 For He [earnestly] remembered His holy word and promise to Abraham His servant.  AMP

Gen 15:13-14 And [God] said to Abram, Know positively that your descendants will be strangers dwelling as temporary residents in a land that is not theirs [Egypt], and they will be slaves there and will be afflicted and oppressed for 400 years. 

14 But I will bring judgment on that nation whom they will serve, and afterward they will come out with great possessions.  AMP

Deut 4:2 You shall not add to the word which I command you, neither shall you diminish it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you.  AMP

Deut 18:22 When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or prove true, that is a word which the Lord has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him.  AMP

Rev 19:10 And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. KJV

Luke 24:19 And He said to them, What [kind of ] things? And they said to Him, About Jesus of Nazareth, Who was a Prophet mighty in work and word before God and all the people   AMP

John 1:1 IN THE beginning [before all time] was the Word (Christ), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God Himself.  AMP

JN 1:14 And so the Living Expression became a manand lived among us! And we gazed upon the splendor of his glory, the glory of the One and Onlywho came from the Father overflowing with tender mercyand truth! TPT

Deut 30:14  But the word is very near you, in your mouth and in your mind and in your heart, so that you can do it.   AMP

PS 119:50 In all of my affliction I find great comfort in your promises, for they have kept me alive! TPT


Ps 119:50 These words hold me up in bad times; yes, your promises rejuvenate me.  MSG

ISA 50:4 The Lord Yahweh has equipped me with the anointed, skillful tongueof a teacher to know how to speak a timely word to the weary. Morning by morning, he awakens my heart. He opens my earsto hear his voice, to be trained to teach TPT


Isa 50:4 The Master, God, has given me a well-taught tongue, So I know how to encourage tired people. He wakes me up in the morning, Wakes me up, opens my ears to listen as one ready to take orders. MSG

Isa 55:10  Just as rain and snow descend from the skies and don't go back until they've watered the earth, Doing their work of making things grow and blossom, producing seed for farmers and food for the hungry,

11 So will the words that come out of my mouth not come back empty-handed. They'll do the work I sent them to do, they'll complete the assignment I gave them.  MSG    ↕↕↕

ISA 55:10-11 As the snow and rain that fall from heavendo not return until they have accomplished their purpose, soaking the earth and causing it to sprout with new life,
providing seed to sow and bread to eat.
11 So also will be the wordthat I speak; it does not return to me unfulfilled. My word performs my purpose and fulfills the mission I sent it out to accomplish." TPT

Acts 4:31 And when they had prayed, the place in which they were assembled was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they continued to speak the Word of God with freedom and boldness and courage.  AMP


ACTS 4:31 At that moment the earth shook beneath them, causing the building they were in to tremble. Each one of them was filled with the Holy Spirit, and they proclaimed the word of God with unrestrained boldness.TPT

COL 3:16 Let the word of Christ livein you richly, flooding you with all wisdom. Apply the Scriptures as you teach and instruct one another with the Psalms, and with festive praises, and with prophetic songs given to you spontaneously by the Spirit, so sing to God with all your hearts! TPT

1 JN 1:1-3 We saw him with our very own eyes. We gazed upon himand heard him speak. Our hands actually touched him, the one who was from the beginning,the Living Expression of God.This Life-Giver was made visible and we have seen him. We testify to this truth: the eternal Life-Giver lived face-to-face with the Father and has now dawned upon us.
So we proclaim to you what we have seen and heard about this Life-Giver so that we may share and enjoy this life together.  For truly our fellowshipis with the Father
and with his Son, Jesus, the Anointed One. TPT