Wyatt Moore,

Born on November 1st in Kansas City, KS
Educated: Grace (KS) and Immanuel (NM) Lutheran Schools; Albuquerque High School; University of New Mexico (B A&S, journalism); Word of Faith Bible College, Dallas TX.
Favorite Sport: Auto Racing
Favorite Old Testament Character: Daniel

Wyatt is a musician whose anointing demonstrates the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Playing a number of musical instruments and aided by years of experience (and a state-of-the-art digital sequencer), Wyatt easily moves from boisterous praise to intimate worship. Using an arsenal of original compositions, contemporary Christian songs, modern arrangements of old standards, and re-written hits "borrowed" from secular artists, he can use the vehicle of music to join the angelic hosts just as quickly and effectively as he can unleash the terror of divine authority at the gates of hell! Self-described as a spiritual "jack-of-all-trades", Wyatt makes sure of his calling to ministry by being ready to teach, preach, lay hands on the sick, and exercise the gifts of the Spirit -- most notably in tongues and interpretation of tongues.

Claudia Baca-Moore,

Born on December 10th in Torrance, CA
Educated: Zuni Elementary; Cleveland Middle School; Del Norte High School; Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, NM (BS, theater); Word of Faith Bible College, Dallas, TX
Hobby: Computer Research
Favorite Scripture: Proverbs 16:3

Claudia is undoubtedly the textbook example of what the teacher, as mentioned in Ephesians 4:11, is and should be. Although serving the Body of Christ as an evangelist, apostle, pastor, and administrator, Claudia is first and foremost a gifted Bible teacher who ministers the Word of God with freshness and clarity. Her revelatory teachings on many subjects are life-changing. But her messages on righteousness and new creation realities will cause even the seasoned believer to widen his expectations and broaden his horizons concerning his life in Christ. Simple yet profound, Claudia brings forth the old and the new -- the power of the Word of God anointed by His Spirit does the rest!

Mary Dorian,
Assistant Pastor

Born on June 10th in Chicago, IL (Roseland)
Educated: St Catherines's, Elizabeth Seton High School, Chicago State University (two years)
Collects: Dreamcicles
Favorite Book of the Bible: Romans

Mary is a wife, a mom, a next-door neighbor type -- but with an exceptional gift of prophetic revelation and accuracy. A pastor, a teacher, and a counselor, to be sure, she fundamentally ministers as a demonstration of the gift of prophecy (1 Corinthians 12:10). This means that she, by definition, hears and interprets divine will and purpose. But her ministry also reminds the New Testament believer that God is speaking today, and that He expects to be heard by His people. In Mary's case, the gift of prophecy has been entrusted to a compassionate, caring, and scrupulous individual who serves in ministry only to build-up the Body of Christ, and to guide the unbeliever to Jesus. She has as of late been visiting with churches and Christian groups around the nation teaching, demonstrating and encouraging Believers to step out in the utilization of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.